The Centurian I I - Ten Thousand Miles Of Arteries - Exorsa (Cassette)

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  2. Mar 14,  · Permanent Records Update Hey Everybody, This week's update is chock full of great new releases again. And again, there were simply too many records that arrived too late in the week for us to get original reviews written for all of 'em.
  3. Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries – Exorsa is a compilation cassette of the bands two demos released in and , and was released through the artists own most excellent label Sol Y Nieve in Exorsa kicks of right from the start with the unbelievable screams of the damned that black metal singer dream of being able to expel. The sheer.
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  6. Exorsa by Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries, released 27 December 1. The Centurian I 2. This Is Special Blood 3. Of Fang & Frozen 4. Desert Death 5. Shank & Sling 6. The Centurian II 7. Rat Razor Foot 8. Whores 9. Death Cry Cuts, Blood A Pile To Be Found A Hand Through The Sun Comprised of two demos: "Holy Monuments" (recorded in Chicago in /) and "The .
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